Client Relationships

We are grateful that our clients have entrusted their legal affairs and representation to us for many years. It is extremely important to us that we understand and respond to each client's unique needs promptly, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. We do so by emphasizing frequent and effective communication with our clients and the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in our practice. Fostering and maintaining long-term effective relationships with our clients is our highest priority.


Cost Benefit

Providing the maximum benefit for our clients at the lowest cost is a priority at DeLoof, Dever, Eby Wright Milliman Bourque & Issa, PLLC. We strive to keep our clients informed and involved in the legal process at every step. We provide legal services in a cost effective manner which includes the use of our trained experienced staff of legal assistants and others when appropriate.



The attorneys at DeLoof, Dever, Eby Wright Milliman Bourque & Issa, PLLC specialize or have a concentration of their practice in certain areas of law. As a midsize law firm, we sometimes find that our clients require specialized legal services in practice areas that we do not cover. Over the years, we have developed professional relationships with other law firms and attorneys that can provide such specialty legal services that may be required by our clients on an as-needed basis. Our clients have appreciated that we coordinate the delivery of specialized legal services with their other legal needs.